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Cuernavaca Missions

I have been behind on my blog posts and sharing about God’s work through those of us at Missions Resource Network www.mrnet.org.  The 4th of October, I was blessed to travel with Paul Dowell, the Dean of Missions at Sunset International Bible Institute and Missions Minister at the Sunset Church in Lubbock. We traveled to Mexico City and Cuernavaca, Mexico. We were able to spend three days in Cuernavaca with two mission teams working in that city. Doug and Sandy Holcomb, Ben and Karen Jenkins and Zack Williams form a mission team that has been at work for many years and involved in planting two churches in the city. We spent time listening, praying and sharing with these missionaries to encourage and help them move forward in their mission. One of the major items that came to the surface in our time with these servants was the need to equip the members for their work in God’s kingdom. It is so easy for all of us in missions to lose sight of our primary role, that of equipping others for their work of service (Ephesians 4:11ff). I look forward to seeing how the Holcomb and Jenkins families along with Zack put a major priority on equipping and empowering their brothers and sister in Cuernavaca to lead the work in that city.

Paul and I were also able to spend time with a new team in the midst of language and cultural adjustment in Cuernavaca in preparation for their own mission. We spend individual time with the Reyes, Garcia and Sims families. They have only been in Mexico for 4 months. I was impressed with the way they have settled in  and given themselves to language and cultural preparation. They have taken significant steps in building relationships with the Mexican people both in the church and in the community. They will be spending 8 more months in Cuernavaca before they launch off into a new church plant in another city or another part of Cuernavaca. Pray for their growth and wisdom for their future plans.

I was again encouraged to see God as work through His people to spread His good news. It reminded me of God’s promise to Israel and its application to His work today.

“I will send some of those who survive to the nations…an to the distant islands that have not heard of my fame or seen my glory. They will proclaim my glory among the nations.” Isaiah 66:19



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