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Pasir Panjang Family Camp

In Malaysia, outside of Kuala Lumpur the PP Church of Christ in Singapore gathered for their 18th Annual Family Camp. I was honored to speak four times on the Communion, Community and Commission of the church. The Pasir Panjang church is a very unique and healthy church. Henry Kong, their minister has been with the church from it’s beginning 45+ years ago. The church has five elders, many active servant leaders and a spirit of local and global missions.

One of the exciting elements of their camp is the foreign missionaries they bring in to share in the experience. Brothers and sisters from Myanmar, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, India and Bangladesh attended the camp. These missionaries shared in a World Cafe, where they set up tables showing how God is at work in their ministry. Members went from table to table hearing about God’s work around Asia. I see the PP church as following the example of NT Churches like Antioch and Ephesus as they impact their region for the kingdom.

I don’t know that I have been around such a group who are as hungry and thirsty to be obedient disciples. Of course, they have their weaknesses as we all do. However, I see that God is being glorified through the church that meets on Pasir Panjang Road in Singapore.

Mama Prays


This Father's Day I am missing my family. I am in Singapore and have participated with the Pasir Panjang church of Christ in their Family Camp in Malaysia. It was a wonderful experience (more on the camp later). This Father's Day I am rededicating myself to "wrestle in prayer" for my family (Colossians 4:2,12). I want to recommit myself to pray signficant transformational prayers for the spiritual growth of my family. Chris Rice sings a song called Mama Prays that touches me and reminds me of the power of a parent's consistent prayer!

Mama Prays

My memories of my brothers and me
Make me marvel at the way the years went by
Here we are, how'd we ever get this far?
I wonder how, and I wonder why
Then I recall what these boys often saw
When we would stop to look in Mom and Daddy's door
They'd bow their heads while they knelt beside their bed
And we could hear them lift our names before the Lord

Mama prayed and Jesus stood beside us
Daddy prayed and the devil had to run
God looked down, and His angels guarded through the harder days
'Cause Mama prayed and Daddy prayed

Now the boys are grown raising boys of their own
In a world a little darker than before
But the prayers go on every night and every dawn
'Cause they still bow and lift our names before the Lord

Mama prays and Jesus stands beside me
Daddy prays and the devil has to run
God looks down and His angels guard me through the harder days
'Cause Mama prays and Daddy prays

Chris Rice
Mama Prays Lyrics on http://www.lyricsmania.com/

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