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God at Work in Singapore

I was blessed to travel together with Mark Hooper to work with the Pasir Panjang Church of Christ in Singapore the 21st through the 31st of July. We were asked to facilitate a Leader’s Retreat for the elders, ministers and ministry leaders of the congregation. We hit the ground running and introduced them to the vision we believe that God has revealed in his word for His church to send and be sent as salt and light into the dark world. This simple vision is clearly communicated in Matthew 28:18-20 and is best summarized in the phrase, “being a disciple and making disciples of Christ.” We emphasized the three essential relationships of a disciple their 1) Relationship with the Lord (John 8:31-32), 2) Relationship with the Body of Christ (John 13:34-35) and 3) Relationship with the Lost of the world (John 15:8, 16). A simple yet powerful disciple making process was introduced. After that important foundation was laid, the majority of our time was spent facilitating their discussion using a SWOT exercise. The exercise allows the group to identify their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This led them to establish some specific goals and action plans they want to implement as they lead the Pasir Panjang Church. The following day they invited more leaders and potential leaders to share in the results. The leaders are seeking to involve and empower others for leadership and service in the church. I was encouraged to see the Lord at work among this group of servant leaders.

During the week, we met with various servants in the church and taught special classes each evening. We were asked to address the topics of Healthy Conflict Resolution, Pastoral Counseling, Natural Church Development and Coaching. About 30 to 40 attended each night. I was challenged to see the hunger and thirst that my brothers and sisters have for spiritual growth. I also enjoyed preaching on Sunday morning as we looked at the example of the Ephesian church as a church on mission. We also met with leaders from the Moulmein Church of Christ and the Lavendar Church of Christ. I am impressed with the ministry of these congregations and the potential for their being used by God to expand the kingdom of God in Asia. They are all heavily involved in mission work in various mission fields of Asia.

I was taught by my brothers and sisters in Singapore the importance of healthy partnerships which cross cultural boundaries to empower international churches around the globe. These new partnerships follow the lead of the local servant leaders as they are used by God as shining lights to fulfill His mission in their region of the world. May God empower such partnerships for His glory.

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