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More Than His Father’s Son

Ryan, my son is working in Prato, Italy as an apprentice missionary in the Adventures in Missions program (www.aimsunset.org). The other day we were exchanging emails. I had sent to all my family my busy travel schedule for October. Ryan has a trip coming up to Scotland. We asked him to send us his travel schedule. The email that contained his travel schedule began with this phrase, “I am my father’s son…” In reality he was poking fun at me for sharing my travels with everyone. 

Today, I read a blog post from Ryan and I have to admit he is much more than His father’s son. He has insight that I am certain I did not have at 21 years of age. I am  proud of how I see God at work in my children’s life. Meagan, who is in her 3rd year of Medical School was visiting this weekend and spoke of surgical procedures and diagnosis that I couldn’t even pronounce correctly. Ryan has a depth of insight into truth and Scripture that encourage me. I have am encouraged and instructed by the examples of my children. Check out Ryan’s blog at…


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