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More of the Story

This morning in my reading and in our LST devotional, I was impressed with Psalm 19:1-2 in the Easy to Read Version, “The heavens tell about the glory of God. The skies announce what his hands have made.  Each new day tells more of the story, each night reveals more and more about God’s power.”  

I  know the context is refering to God’s creation, the sun and moon, as they give witness to God and His power. However, as I read it, I not only heard that message but I was encouraged to be open to what God has in store for me this day. I thought ahead to the activities of the day and realized that this day and the experiences ahead will tell me more of the story. The night will remind me of God’s power, grace and peace. This day, I want to be a student.I want to be open to God’s work in me, through me and around me. I want God to add to His story in my life. 

Let’s Start Talking in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

The First Report from our Let’s Start Taking Project in Romania.

Thanks to all for the prayers. We made it safely and well to Sfantu Gheorge (St. George), Romania. Our son, Ryan was flying in from Florence via Rome, his teammate Josie Collins was flying in from spending a couple of days in Germany with friends. When Sherry and I arrived on time in Bucharest, Josie was waiting for us. Ryan was to arrive an hour later. Stefan, a good brother from St. George arrived to pick us up and drive us the 3+ hours to the site. When Ryan did not arrive, I had to connect my iPhone to see if he had tried to contact us. His flight from Florence to Rome was canceled, so Alitalia put him on a bus to travel the four hours to Rome so he could catch a late flight out of Rome. He arrived in Bucharest about 1am. We waited the 5+ hours in a McDonalds (free parking and wifi). Stefan thought it best to go ahead and drive through the night to St. George. We arrived at 4 am and enjoyed 4 hours of sleep before we joined the church this morning for their celebration. God was good to take care of us in the journey and we enjoyed the time to visit, play cards and relax.

This morning was so encouraging with the church. They are accustomed to LST groups coming regularly and they are so welcoming and encouraging. We enjoyed singing in three languages Romanian, Hungarian and English. I was able to share a message during the Lord’s Supper with Stefan translating and I later thought, “we had two very tired, sleepy men trying to speak and translate without much available brain power.” I know some of you will say that it normal for me! J

We had fun finding our way around this beautiful city. We have our information session with the readers tomorrow afternoon and begin reading on Tuesday. The apartment we are staying in is very comfortable and has all we need. A trip to the store has stocked the cupboards, so we are ready to go! Thank you for the prayers. Pray for Sherry, Josie, Ryan and me that we share Jesus and share ourselves with those we read with this week.

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