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So You Want to Be a Missionary?

Ryan and two of his teammates, Matt and Jackson were scheduled to leave for Prato, Italy this Saturday. However, there was an unforeseen delay on their visas. They still should have no problems getting a visa for Italy. But they will have to delay their departure until the 18th of May. That is the day the ladies on their team, Josie, Osiris and Shae are also scheduled to leave as well.

It has been a little stressful saying goodbye, getting ready to leave and then having to put everything on hold for 18 days. Ryan has taken it well. In the car yesterday, I said to him, “So you want to be a missionary?” Missionaries have to learn to be flexible, wait and often times be willing to change plans as God uses us in His mission. Ryan is off to a good start in learning those lessons.

I am so proud of Ryan, he challenges me, teaching me and encourages me. Please pray for him and his team as they wait for their visas. May God use them for His glory!  Check out his blog at http://ryandouglasjarboe.posterous.com/

Grace and Peace,


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